Best Ships in Science Fiction (Runners-Up)

Yeah, I left out the Galactica in my top 5. I’m going to skip the part where I pretend to be sorry and say that while it is indeed an awesome ship, it just wasn’t quite up to snuff. To make up for my transgressions against the unwashed masses, here are my runners-up for the top sci-fi ships. I’m keeping it brief this time…

#4. Planet Express Ship (Futurama)

The previous crew of Hubert Farnsworth’s delivery ship might have died horribly (the poor bastards), but the current one’s still around. Not even a cancelation by FOX could keep their shenanigans on hold for long as the Planet Express made its return on Comedy Central. Simple, brightly colored and reminiscent of classic sci-fi serials, the PES is the perfect mix of parody and homage.

#3. SSV Normandy SR-1 (Mass Effect)

Besides having possibly the coolest ship name ever, the Normandy is captained by possibly the most badass space marine ever. Under Commander Shepard, the Normandy races across the galaxy to fight the Reapers, an army of genocidal machines straight out of a Lovecraft story.

#2. Moya (Farscape)

A living ship carrying convicts on the run from an interstellar empire, Moia becomes a mother figure to her fledgling crew. I love the ship and her sleek organic design, but she’s just not as recognizable as some of the others. Still, Farscape is a great—if often overlooked—science fiction property.

#1. Galactica (Battlestar Galactica)

Yeah, yeah… Here she is. A battlestar from the long-past Cylon War, this ship’s decommissioning is short-lived when the Twelve Colonies fall under attack from the Cylons once again. What’s most impressive about the redesigned Galactica is that it not only has a very modern look but also remains incredibly faithful to the 1978 design.


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